A Baseball Road Trip

Thirty Major League Baseball Stadiums. Sixty Stadium Dogs. One Season.

Touch ’em All Chapter 4: Living the Life excerpt

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“We right away take on the sleep schedule and most other habits of a ball player.  We can’t possibly know this, neither of us having ever been one of those, neither knowing what those habits are, but we tell ourselves we do, and that we have, and just do make it to the motel lobby in time for breakfast.

We have at this point only the vaguest understanding of the number of road trip meals in front of us, but a free breakfast seems to be something we should not miss.  We are quite wrong about this, are the last ones attempting breakfast here, and there are three muffins remaining on the plastic plate.  There’s no hot water for Vicki’s tea, and the orange juice dispensing thing is dispensing something that has no chance of having ever been orange juice, but a much better one of being somebody’s intestinal disorder.  I tell the young lady behind the desk about the color of the orange juice, and she thanks me politely, comes from behind the desk, and hangs an ‘out of order’ sign over it.  And sees me looking cheerlessly at the sign.”

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